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Parent Participation Program

The STA Participation Program was developed to assist in fundraising activities or to provide cost saving services for the school in return for a reduction of the participation fee. Once your child has been admitted to the school, as a member of the STA Community, you are required to participate in various activities of the school, including fundraising. If you are not able to participate in these activities, you will be assessed a penalty fee (CISVA Policy 404.5). There are a limited number of full time participation positions. Seasonal and part time credits are available throughout the school year.

 There are four main areas where participation credits are available:

  1. Cafeteria: The cafeteria is operated by Canuel Caterers in cooperation with the school administration. A paid kitchen manager looks after the day-to-day operations. Participants must be able to commit to the regular hours, as outlined on the application form. Duties include assisting with food preparation, serving and clean-up. This position operates from September to June on days when the cafeteria is open to students. The Cafeteria Coordinator will provide a schedule for all participants.
  2. School Maintenance: (Indoor and outdoor) Maintenance jobs generally involve grounds keeping – grass cutting and weeding. Due to the nature of the work and because the grounds are divided into sections, participation credits are awarded based on the completion of assigned tasks, rather than on an hourly basis. Much of the work is weather dependent, so some assignments need to be completed during the summer months with much less work required in January and February. The Maintenance Coordinator will provide each participant with a schedule of assigned tasks.
  3. Traffic Supervision: Participants monitor and supervise the front and back parking and driveway areas of the school during drop-off and pick-up times.
  4. Seasonal / Partial: There are a number of events which take place during the school year where parents can earn Participation credits. These events include Walk-a-thon, Christmas Craft Fair, semi-annual yard clean-ups and International Night. Full credit is awarded to selected chairs for some of these events (pending application). The chair positions require previous experience in the particular event and are awarded at the discretion of the Participation Committee. Partial credits can also be earned for these events.Notice of eligible events is through the Parent Participation online system which can be found here

Policies Governing the Participation Program:

Full Credit Positions

  • Approximately 60 - 90 hours per year per family is required for full credit. (60 hours for $650 fee/one student or 90 hours for $1,000 fee/2 or more students)
  • There is a maximum of one full credit per family.
  • Full credit positions for the coming year, are assigned by the end of the current school year. Participants will be informed by mail.
  • Participation begins September 1st and ends June 30th. (except for School Maintenance and some coordinator positions)

Seasonal / Partial Credit Positions

  • The number of available hours varies depending on the position.
  • Part time participants must submit completed time sheets, which have been signed by the event coordinator or their supervisor. Parents should submit time sheets to the office upon completion of their assignment, or after 6/9 hours have been accumulated.
  • All seasonal hours must be submitted by June 15th.
  • Credits will be applied to future months participation fees
  •  If there is a balance of 4 or fewer hours at the end of the school year (June 15th), no credit or refund is given.

There are a limited number of full time participation positions. Only those able to commit the required time should apply for a full credit participation position.

Seasonal and part time credits are available throughout the school year. Parents should watch for notice of seasonal opportunities that come by email or are printed in the school newsletter.

Participation begins September 1st and ends June 30th. (except for School Maintenance which is required throughout the summer and for some coordinator positions).

There are some services that do not earn credits, like driving or chaperoning students, judging science fair, baking or cooking, attending parent association meetings or help at graduation events.

For full information regarding Parent Participation Program please email the coordinator at: parentparticipation@aquinas.org